Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth

Born and raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. I have gone through a journey of trying to figure out what I wanted to do in my life, bouncing around in many different retail jobs. I have moved from clothing retail, dog grooming, and grocery store. I have a day job working at a logistics company.

I found a love for pregnancy and birth after hiring a midwife, and she changed my entire view on this amazing journey women go through. Then when I was called to support a close friend through her labor and birth, her family wouldn't stop telling me that I "had to go get certified", and that's just what I did. I never wanted to stop experiencing the magic of labor and delivery. As someone once told me, "Once you get bit by the birth bug, you just can't stop" and she was absolutely right. 


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What's Sacred Gems?

Finding a name to go along with my business was a very difficult decision for me. I knew I needed it to be something that connect to me and my heart. I knew I wanted something connected to the very reason I started exploring the world of birth-work from the start- my daughter.

I incorporated the way I chose my daughter's name into my business name. A gem stone is made by severe pressure underground with extreme heat and force. It takes time and patience for a gemstone to be formed that we all look at in the jewelry shop windows. In my eyes, babies are brought into this world in a similar fashion. By extreme concentration and pressure. And out of that entire endeavor you receive something precious, beautiful, and special. 

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